How to manage Freight Billing online

How to manage Freight Billing online

A guide to managing common tasks within your Freight Billing Online account.

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How to log in to Freight Billing Online

Step 1: Visit the login page for FedEx Freight Billing Online or go to, click the Support tab, select Billing & Invoicing and select Freight Login.

Step 2: Enter your User ID and Password and select Login

FedEx Freight Billing Online login screenshot

The first screen you will see is the account summary page. Within this dashboard you can:

  • View open invoices ready for payment
  • View closed invoices
  • View payment history
  • Update and manage account settings, including payment methods, contact information, etc.

You can also manage several other billing options within the dashboard. Before starting the step-by-step guides below, make sure you are logged in to your Freight Billing Online dashboard.

Freight Billing Online account summary screen.
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How to add or update payment information

Step 1: Log in to your Freight Billing Online account. 

Step 2: Select Settings tab to view account information.

 FedEx Freight billing payment settings screenshot

NOTE: If user does not enter the debtor account(s) in this section, user will not be able to see any information regarding the respective account(s). 


Step 3: Select Payment Settings from the left menu view.

On this page you have the option to view, modify or add payments options. Select previously added payment methods to modify or delete them. You can select “add bank account” or “add credit card”. Complete all required information and save your payment method.

update payment settings for FedEx Freight Billing screenshot
printer icon

How to print or download a copy of an invoice

Step 1: Log in to your Freight Billing Online account. 

Step 2: Select Open tab to view open invoices or select Closed tab to view closed invoices. 

 Freight Billing Open account tab

Step 3: Choose the invoices you want to print by selecting the checkbox (or checkboxes) next to the invoice to be printed. 

Freight Billing select invoices to print screenshot

Step 4: Select Print to generate a printable page. You can also select Download to download the invoice to your computer or device.

 how to print Freight Billing invoices screenshot
Pay icon

How to pay an invoice

Step 1: Log in to your Freight Billing Online account. 

Step 2: Choose the invoices you want to pay by selecting the checkbox (or checkboxes) next to the invoice to be paid. 

Step 3: Select Pay Invoices. You will be taken to the Account Payment Details page.

Select Freight Billing invoices to pay screenshot

Step 4: Confirm your information by selecting the Payment Account, Payment Date and entering the Payment Amount. Select Next to be taken to the Authorization page.

 Payment Account details screenshot

Step 5: Authorize your payment to receive immediate confirmation on the site and via email. 

: authorize FedEx Freight payment screenshot
Dispute Invoice  icon

How to dispute an invoice or surcharge

Step 1: Log in to your Freight Billing Online account. 

Step 2: Click the Open or Close tab to select the invoice you want to

dispute. Click on the Details icon to be taken to the Invoice Detail page.

select invoice details to dispute screenshot

Step 3: After selecting the “details” icon, user will be taken to screen below. If no line items are available, user can dispute entire invoice.

how to dispute FedEx payment form invoice details page

Note: If you disputed the entire invoice, your Disputes option will be Payments Previously Sent.

Step 4: After selecting “Dispute Entire Invoice”, user is taken to form below. User completes form and clicks “Save”.

NOTE: Customer has 180 days to submit dispute, whether invoice is open or closed and FedEx will contact the customer with any questions. Invoice amount due will be reflected with credited amount if dispute is approved. 

: Provide contact info for dispute follow up
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How to view payment history

Step 1: Log in to your Freight Billing Online account. 

Step 2: Select Payment History tab to view your paid invoices.

On the Payment History page, you can see a list of all Freight Billing Online payments and their status. This includes when a payment is scheduled, completed or canceled. You can find your confirmation number in the Payment History section as well. To download paid invoices, select the checkbox (or checkboxes) next to the invoice then select Download.

payment history screen screenshot

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