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SCT Software

XPS is a built-In SAP solution for parcel and LTL shipping for SAP ECC, S/4HANA, EWM and TM. This SAP-certified solution automates the end-to-end process from carrier and service level selection through label printing, manifesting and tracking from pickup to POD. 



Solution Type

E-commerce, Transportation Management, Warehouse Management

Regions Supported

U.S., Canada

Customer Sizes

Small, Medium


E-Commerce, Small-Medium Business, Warehouses and Distribution Centers


Certified SAP Extension, Process Automation, Medical and Pharmaceutical Companies


Complex Business Rules, Automate Warehouse and Transportation Processes, End-to-End Visibility

Shipping Volume

100 - 200,000 Packages per Day


Contact for pricing


Yes, limited




XPS is a built-In SAP multi-carrier solution for automating the parcel and LTL shipping process for SAP ECC, S/4HANA, SAP EWM and SAP TM. The solution also supports SAP customers running third-party WMS and TMS systems. This SAP-certified solution helps companies drive efficiencies and reduce costs in their outbound processes by automating the packing and shipping tasks from carrier and service level selection to printing labels, manifesting and tracking. XPS is installed globally and designed to support shipping requirements across any industry. Shipping points include warehouses, DCs, mail rooms, 3PLs, e-commerce, etc. Since the solution is built in SAP, it delivers this robust shipping functionality from within standard transactions so end users do not have to change systems to pack, ship, or track their orders.