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Pierbridge - WiseTech Global

Pierbridge - WiseTech Global

Transtream is a cloud-based, multi-carrier management system that automates cartonization, routing, rating, shipping, tracking and returns for hundreds of parcel, freight, and local carriers.  Transtream’s versatile portfolio of apps are designed to support transportation workflows across the enterprise, including warehouses, stores, suppliers, offices, mail centers, accounting, and customer service.  Transtream’s API greatly extends enterprise system with shipping execution capabilities.


Solution Type

Transportation Management

Regions Supported

U.S., Canada, UK, Europe

Customer Sizes

Medium, Large, Omnichannel


Retail, E-Commerce, Healthcare, Third Party Logistics


Enterprise Scalability, Parcel, Freight & Local Carrier Automation, Transportation Cost Control & Accounting


Cloud based API/SDK/IoT tools, App portfolio, UI design studio, scripting, Cartonization/Palletization/Containerization

Shipping Volume

100—1,000,000+ Per Day








Improve Efficiency

Transtream is more than just a point shipping solution.  It is designed to provide transportation managers with the controls they need to roll out a suite of multi-carrier management solutions to thousands of users and locations to automate parcel, freight, and local carrier shipping processes globally.  Transtream UI design tools adapt apps to role-specific requirements. 

Reduce Costs

Transtream does more than just “rate shop.” Algorithms and business rules instantly determine the most transportation cost-effective way to pack cartons, build pallets, and load containers, minimizing transportation costs.  Transtream stores all shipping transactions for all users in a single database for complete transportation cost visibility.  

Manage Communities

Transtream offers more than just an API.  It is a multi-enterprise platform, enabling 3PLs, software companies, and omnichannel enterprises with the administrative controls and visibility they need to manage diverse customer and partner communities.   Transtream makes it easy to onboard, configure, and support thousands of customers.