FedEx pros can help you pack your items to ensure their safe delivery.

When to Call the Shipping Pros

When to Call the Shipping Pros

Making your shipment packing decisions easier

You have to ship something to a friend across the country. You know that FedEx Office is going to offer great value for delivering your package as quickly as possible. Now the question is, “How can FedEx Office help me pack my items?” Use this guide to help you decide when you should call the pros to help with your packing needs.

Are you shipping an everyday item?

Everyday items such as small appliances, toys and other household goods should still be properly secured and packed. You can trust our team members to know just how to get the job done.

Are you shipping something fragile?

Many items our customers ship are not made from the toughest materials, so we make sure that we pack fragile items to be as protected as possible. Whether your items require sheets of bubbles and packing paper or our special expanding foam, we can expertly wrap even the trickiest items and protected them in rugged, sturdy boxes so that anything from a laptop to framed art arrives safe and sound.

Is your item oddly shaped?

The pros at FedEx Office successfully pack and ship items of all shapes and sizes. From model airplanes to giant tubas, we have the materials and the experience to make sure your item fits snugly and securely so you don’t have to worry.

Are you shipping something large, small or in between?

You might already know that we can easily pack small and medium-sized items, but did you know that we can also take care of your larger and heavier items? Special, reinforced boxes may be called for to prevent damage. The Pack Plus counter inside your FedEx Office location has everything you’ll need to get your large shipment to its destination safely.

Are you in a hurry or just need help with it?

Whether you’re shipping one of the above items or everyday items, sometimes deciding when to use our packing services has nothing to do with what you are packing; it is simply a matter of convenience. We take your item, skillfully pack it and ship it all for one low cost. If you answered “yes” to any of these questions above, or you simply value what you are shipping and want to ensure it arrives safely, let us take care of packing for you. Every item packed and shipped by the team members at FedEx Office is protected by the FedEx Office® Packing Pledge, which ensures your item will arrive in the same condition in which it was packed. Ready to save time and your sanity? Just bring your items to the Pack Plus counter at FedEx Office.

Use this guide to help you decide when you should call professionals to help with your shipping needs.

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