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Dangerous Goods (FedEx Express)

Dangerous Goods (FedEx Express)

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Shipping dangerous goods? FedEx provides the reliable delivery and support you need. Learn how to ship, download job aids and forms, and get the latest updates. Plus, we offer dangerous goods training.

Shipping hazardous materials via FedEx Ground? Start here.


What's New

  • Due to airline restrictions and government regulations, some countries are not available as origins or destinations for certain lithium battery shipments. For details on country and commodity limitations, see our Service Limitations for Lithium Batteries job aid.
  • Our brochure on hidden and undeclared dangerous goods now is available in several languages. Go to Job Aids, Checklists and Other Resources and select Packaging and Shipping Information.  


Regulatory Updates

Review recent changes to IATA regulations, IATA variations and other regulatory information.


We have job aids, checklists and more to help you prepare dangerous goods shipments.

Get Training

You can learn how to identify, classify, package, mark, label and complete documentation for your dangerous goods at a FedEx Express dangerous goods seminar. Our three-day public seminars, one-day recurrent seminars (nonradioactive) and private, on-site seminars are now endorsed by IATA. Register for a FedEx Express dangerous goods seminar.