FedEx Freight Zone-Based Pricing

FedEx Freight Zone-Based Pricing

Updated Nov. 5, 2018

Updated Nov. 5, 2018

Zone-Based Rate Downloads

Effective Jan. 1, 2018

FedEx Freight zone-based rates are available for FedEx Freight® Priority and FedEx Freight® Economy services. Additional fees and surcharges may apply for fuel and other services.

To determine your FedEx Freight zone-based rate, you'll need:

  1. FedEx Freight zone locator to find the zone for your shipment.
  2. FedEx Freight additional pickup and delivery charge ZIP code and postal code tier lists (if applicable):
  3. FedEx Freight zone-based rate tables (including pickup and delivery charges) for shipments. View 2018 FedEx Freight zone-based rate booklets:

Customers can also get zone-based rate information by:

To preview the 2019 FedEx Freight zone-based rate booklets, go to the 2019 FedEx Shipping Rates Changes page.

Certain fees and surcharges and the FedEx Freight fuel surcharge may also apply.

To read PDF files, you'll need the free Adobe Reader or plug-in.

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