How to ship a large package

How to ship a large package

Oversized vs. freight shipping

Sending a package can be difficult. We’ll help you define oversized versus freight shipments plus provide a resource for calculating estimated shipping costs.

Oversize packages and additional handling charges

Oversized packages are determined by dimensions of the package. Additional handling surcharges may result from weight of the package. FedEx U.S. Ground and Express services apply an oversize charge shipping fee when packages exceed the following dimension:

  • Dimensions with a girth of more than 130 inches

FedEx classifies packages that meet or exceed at least one of the following criteria as freight:

  • Weight heavier than 150 lbs.
  • Dimensions with a combined length and girth of more than 165 inches 

For detailed instructions to ship your large item via freight, see our step-by-step guide

Tips when shipping large items

When it comes to oversized shipments, some tried-and-true methods will help ensure your product reaches its destination in one piece. As shipping pros, FedEx suggests doing the following: 

  • Use a strong box. The heavier your items, the sturdier box you need. Find a brand-new one as previously used boxes might be flimsier or compromised. You can even pack your box within another box to provide an extra layer of strength and protection. If you use a box-in- box to ship your package be sure to include some cushioning between the boxes for added protection.

  • Opt for heavy-duty packing tape. Once you’ve securely placed your items in the box, seal it with reinforced packing tape, following the "H" technique along the seams. Do not use masking, duct, or Scotch tape for shipments.

  • Determine how to ship your large package based on weight and size. Weigh and measure your package to determine your shipping method, which might be standard delivery, oversized shipping, or freight. You can use a tape measure to calculate the overall length and girth of the box and weigh the package with a standard bathroom scale.

  • Consider dividing the shipment into multiple packages. You may be able to avoid large package shipping fees by sending the items in several boxes versus one large parcel. Although you'll need to pay the standard shipping rate for each box, shipping multiple smaller packages may or may not be less expensive than shipping an oversized package and incurring additional charges. 

Calculating oversized shipping fees

Use the FedEx shipment calculator to estimate shipping costs. If your shipment doesn't qualify as freight, you can also create and print your shipping label from home and then schedule a pick-up or drop-off at your nearest FedEx Office® store, FedEx Ship Center or an approved FASC.

Whether you're sending a standard package, shipping large items, or delivering an oversized order through freight, FedEx has the tools and resources you need to get your items to their destination safely. For additional information on how to pack and ship specific items, visit the FedEx Learning Center.