FedEx Learning Center

In-depth resources

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Small Business Center

Get tips for shipping, marketing and printing. And insights from experts on how to grow a small business.

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Trust Center

Learn how we’re protecting your data and get tips on how to recognize and report fraud.

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Holiday Help Hub

Peak seasons are unique to each industry. Get help year-round and see shipping cutoff dates.

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FedEx Service Guide

Check the ultimate reference for our services, products, terms and conditions, rates and more.

How to guides

Get instructions for how to pack, ship, market and manage a business.

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How to ship a package

Get a step-by-step guide to make sending your next shipment easy.

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How to create a business continuity plan

Make a business continuity plan in three steps, to protect your assets and define your recovery strategy.

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Why start a business in a recession?

Low interest rates and a large available talent pool can help you grow a new business in uncertain times.

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