FedEx One Rate®

FedEx One Rate®

Streamline your shipping with simple, flat-rate pricing.

Streamline your shipping with simple, flat-rate pricing.


FedEx One Rate is flat-rate shipping that doesn’t require you to weigh or measure shipments under 50 lbs. — you can add to the box without adding to the price. 1, 2 Pricing includes:


packaging box

FedEx Express® Packaging

Get the right packaging to fit your needs. Available in 12 different sizes.

mobile phone

FedEx® Tracking

Feel confident of your shipment’s status with end-to-end visibility.

wrist watch

Time-Definite Delivery

1-, 2- or 3-day delivery backed by our money-back guarantee.3

desktop computer

Simple Online Shipping

Ship with or without an account with FedEx Ship Manager® Lite.

money icon

Declared Value

FedEx One Rate includes a declared value of up to $100.

map locator

Drop-Off Locations

Up to 45,000 drop-off locations when you print your label online.4



Man opens FedEx box in his kitchen

Get a Flat-Rate Quote With FedEx One Rate Pricing

The price of your shipment is based on the shipment’s origin and destination, the size of the package, and your chosen speed of delivery.*



*Drop-off price based on 3-day service for local zone. Terms, conditions and weight limits apply. Proper packaging required.



Flat-Rate Pricing and Packaging Made Simple

FedEx One Rate includes your choice of 12 sizes of FedEx Express packaging at no extra cost — most with no need for tape.5, 6


FedEx envelope

FedEx® Envelope
9 1⁄2" x 12 1⁄2"

Reusable Envelope:
9 1⁄2" x 15 1⁄2"

as low as $8.50

large pak small pak

FedEx® Pak
10 1⁄4" x 12 3⁄4", 12" x 15 1⁄2" 
Padded: 11 3⁄4" x 14 3⁄4"
Reusable Sturdy Pak:
10" x 14 1⁄2"

(expands up to 1 1⁄2")

as low as $8.75

FedEx small boxes

FedEx® Small Box
10 7⁄8" x 1 1⁄2" x 12 3⁄8"
8 3⁄4" x 2 5⁄8" x 11 1⁄4"

as low as $9.50

FedEx medium boxes

FedEx® Medium Box

11-1⁄2" x 2-3⁄8" x 13-1⁄4" 
8-3⁄4" x 4-3⁄8" x 11-1⁄4"

as low as $12.35

FedEx large boxes

FedEx® Large Box
12 3⁄8" x 3" x 17 1⁄2" 
8 3⁄4" x 7 3⁄4" x 11 1⁄4"

as low as $19.05

FedEx extra large boxes

FedEx® Extra Large Box
11 7⁄8" x 10 3⁄4" x 11"
15 3⁄4" x 14 1⁄8" x 6"

as low as $30.85

FedEx tube

FedEx® Tube
6" x 6" x 38"

as low as $30.85



Female small business owner with FedEx packaging

Ship More for Less Than You Think

With FedEx One Rate, you can ship a FedEx Small Box via FedEx Express Saver® for as low as $8.65.*



*Drop-off price based on 3-day service for local zone. Terms, conditions and weight limits apply. Proper packing required. For U.S. domestic shipments only.



Packaging Type 7

Local 8
0–150 miles

151–600 miles

National 8
601 miles plus

FedEx Envelope 




FedEx Pak 




FedEx Small Box 




FedEx Medium Box 




FedEx Large Box 




FedEx Extra Large Box 




FedEx Tube 




Man bringing packages into a FedEx retail location

Ship using FedEx One Rate and boost your value when you use your Business Card from American Express OPEN.9


For terms and limitations, go to




FedEx One Rate is a simple, flat-rate pricing option for FedEx Express package shipping within the U.S. It’s for customers who want predictable and easy-to-understand pricing options while still receiving the reliability and excellent service they expect from FedEx. It’s the perfect offering for consumer and small-business customers.

Predictable pricing means it’s this simple:

  1. Select one of 12 free packaging options, varying in range from small to extra large.
  2. Select the destination.
  3. Select a FedEx Express 1-, 2- or 3-day U.S. domestic package service.

That’s it! There is no need to weigh or measure FedEx Envelopes 10 lbs. or less, and FedEx® paks, boxes and tubes 50 lbs. or less, and the FedEx One Rate price includes fuel, residential and delivery area surcharges. Additional surcharges, like Saturday pickup, are available for a nominal fee.

The flat rate is based on the three factors of FedEx Express packaging, destination and the FedEx Express service chosen. A benefit of FedEx One Rate pricing is customers shipping shorter distances can take advantage of more economically priced options.

FedEx First Overnight®, FedEx Priority Overnight®, FedEx Standard Overnight®, FedEx 2Day® A.M., FedEx 2Day® and FedEx Express Saver.

No, additional account discounts do not apply to FedEx One Rate pricing.

Yes. While discounts do not apply to FedEx One Rate shipments, any volume from FedEx One Rate shipments counts toward any earned discount structure you may have in place on your FedEx account.

No, FedEx Ground® shipping is not available with FedEx One Rate pricing. It is for FedEx Express U.S. domestic package services only.

No, FedEx One Rate pricing is for FedEx Express U.S. domestic services only.

While you can ship using a FedEx account, it is not required. You can use a credit card online or credit/cash in staffed FedEx locations.

FedEx One Rate pricing includes any applicable fuel, residential and delivery area surcharges. It was developed to provide our customers with predictable, convenient and economical pricing coupled with the same reliable delivery they expect from FedEx. There are additional value-added services, such as signature services and additional declared value over $100, which customers can add for an additional charge.

We don’t offer insurance, but FedEx One Rate shipping includes declared value of up to $100 for no additional charge. A higher value can be declared for an additional charge. FedEx One Rate shipping is also backed by the FedEx Money-Back Guarantee. For more information about the FedEx Money-Back Guarantee, see Our Services at

No, internal packing materials are not included in the price. Proper packing is required, and you will be responsible for that. If you need assistance packing your shipment, you may purchase pack and ship services at FedEx Office for a fee.

Yes, package status can be tracked on For additional information about tracking, go to

Yes, for a $4 on-call pickup fee per package. However, if you have a regular scheduled FedEx Express pickup, FedEx will pick up your FedEx One Rate shipments as part of your normal schedule.

If you print a shipping label using FedEx Ship Manager® or FedEx Ship Manager® Lite, shipments can be dropped off at any FedEx Office, FedEx World Service Center®, FedEx® Drop Box or FedEx Authorized ShipCenter®. To find the location nearest you, click here.

While the customer does not need to weigh eligible packages, in order to receive FedEx One Rate pricing, shipments must not exceed 10 lbs. for FedEx Envelopes and 50 lbs. for FedEx boxes, paks or tubes. FedEx will confirm the weight of your shipment.

No, there is not specific packaging for FedEx One Rate pricing. All FedEx Express white packaging can be used and is free.

Customers can order packaging via Supplies Online or can pick it up at FedEx Office or FedEx World Service Center locations. Please note that ordering supplies online requires an account number and quantity restrictions may apply based on your FedEx Express shipping history.

There are 12 FedEx Express white packaging options to choose from, including envelopes, paks, tubes and boxes ranging in size from small to extra large.

No. Only FedEx Express white packaging can be used with FedEx One Rate pricing.

Flat-Rate Option For Freight Shipments

1Up to 50 lbs. in FedEx paks, boxes and tubes; 10 lbs. in FedEx Envelopes.
2Envelopes that exceed 10 lbs., or paks, boxes and tubes that are misshaped or exceed 50 lbs., are rerated at standard list or retail rates. For more information, go to the FedEx Service Guide.
3For details on the FedEx Money-Back Guarantee, see Our Services at
4The two extra-large box sizes do not fit into FedEx Express® Drop Boxes.
5Quantity restrictions may apply based on your FedEx Express shipping history.
6Listed price is based on the cost of shipping in the first zone.
7Interior dimensions round to the nearest 1⁄8".
8Generally denotes the miles shipments move from origin to destination anywhere in the contiguous U.S. FedEx Express Saver is not available to and from Alaska and Hawaii. Rates as of 01/01/2018.
9Terms, conditions and weight limits apply. Proper packing required. For U.S. domestic shipments only. See the terms and limitations.
**Flat rates based on zone pricing. Find rates and zone information at