FedEx® Electronic Trade Documents

FedEx Electronic Trade Documents enables you to upload and transmit your customs documentation electronically so you no longer have to print and attach them to your shipments. You can choose to upload your own customs documents or let FedEx generate documents for you. Either way, they are submitted electronically.

FedEx Electronic Trade Documents allows you to:

  • Transmit customs documents generated by FedEx, or upload your own customs documents as files or images created on your own systems in your preferred file format (e.g., PDF, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel, scanned image etc.)
  • Submit customs documents without printing paper copies and placing them in the pouch attached to your shipment.
  • Add a company letterhead and signature image to the FedEx-generated Commercial Invoice or Proforma Invoice.
  • Gain additional time to resolve any difficulties with customs documents before shipment arrival.
  • Set preferences to simplify completion of the Customs screen.
  • Set defaults for the customs documents you upload.
  • Use the feature as needed (can be turned on and off).

Now you can also:

  • Use FedEx Electronic Trade Documents to submit your commercial invoice electronically for FedEx International Ground™ shipments.
  • Submit customs documents to FedEx for future-day shipments or any date from today’s date to 10 days in the future.
  • Produce end-of-day and ad-hoc reports for FedEx Electronic Trade Documents shipments, including the FedEx Ground Batch Upload Failure Report, FedEx Express Batch Upload Failure Report, FedEx Express ETD Shipment Report and FedEx Ground ETD Shipment Report.

To get started with FedEx Electronic Trade Documents, take advantage of the following resources: