Using FedEx InSight® - Download and Customized Views - Canada


Download Views

If at any time you would like to download any shipment status and content information to your computer, simply click Download this View.

  • You can choose to download shipment status or shipment content.
  • Downloading your shipment information on a regular basis allows you to create your own archive of the records that you may need to keep for any length of time.

Customized Views

Click on Customized Views and you will be able to create or modify a view with the Customized View Wizard. Naming and categorizing your views is a real time-saver for you and other designated users.

  • The Customized Views Wizard helps you create views in three easy steps.
  • You will need to name it, select inbound, outbound or third party and choose how you want to group your view.

  • Choose the fields you want by clicking them, and double-click to deselect a choice.
  • Next you will sort your view and choose the order, either ascending or descending.
  • You will see your newly created Customized View, saved and ready for the next time you would like to view it.