FedEx InSight® Options - Invitations



FedEx InSight gives you the option of inviting others to share in this enhanced shipment visibility. Invitations allow others to see the same level of detail that you can see in FedEx InSight which is much more detailed than just e-mail notifications.

Creating Invitations

  1. Select the Invitations link in My Options. The Invitation screen allows you to send an invitation and see all of the people that you've invited to view your shipments as well as see the people who've invited you to see their shipments.
  2. Simply enter the e-mail address and name of the person you would like to invite. You can invite an unlimited number of people, and can also remove the invitation at any time.
  3. Confirm your invitation by clicking 'Send Invitation'
  4. The newly created invitation is inserted in the 'People You Have Invited' list.
  5. The person you've just invited will then receive an invitation e-mail containing an Invitation ID Number and a link that will take them to the login screen.
  6. After the invited person logs in, they will see the Accept an Invitation screen. Here, the user can either enter the inviter's name for the account, or enter their own desired name and click the 'Accept Invitation' button.