FedEx InSight® Options - Notifications



  • You can create proactive notifications and also provide shipment visibility to others. You will have the information that you need, and so will your recipient automatically.
  • With FedEx InSight, you will receive your notifications based on events within the shipping process and even set your notifications to update you daily with a status notification.
  • You will receive notifications even when you're not logged into FedEx InSight.
  • If a delivery attempt was unsuccessful due to an incorrect address, FedEx InSight will send you that notification so you can take appropriate action.
  • FedEx InSight will alert you of Delivery Exceptions and Clearance Delays for your international shipments.
  • FedEx InSight will offer possible actions you can take to expedite the shipment.

Creating Notifications

  1. Select the Notifications link in My Options
  2. Select which notifications you would like to send and receive from the dropdown.
  3. You can also request notifications for an unlimited number of people by providing their e-mail addresses here.
  4. Click on 'Create Notification'
  5. After you've set up your notifications, you'll see it listed here. At any time, you can delete the notification by selecting the delete link, or you can edit the notification by selecting the edit link.