FedEx InSight® Overview


FedEx InSight is a value added service that can provide you with a new level of visibility. With FedEx InSight, you will be able to:

  • Track without a tracking or reference number
  • Receive proactive shipment notifications
  • Monitor all of your shipments


  • FedEx InSight displays the current status on all shipments matched to your account number and/or address. All your shipment information is updated in real-time progress.
  • With FedEx InSight, you have the power to authorize other users to see the same information.
  • Receive immediate notifications about clearance delays, attempted deliveries, proofs of delivery, and more - via e-mail, internet, or wireless.


  • Save time by eliminating the need to track each package separately.
  • Provide current status information if a shipment is delayed. You even have power to relay shipment details to customers instantly, easily and online.
  • With FedEx Insight, you have complete control and total flexibility to create views that contain only the shipment information that you would like to see.
  • More efficiently plan manufacturing or distribution resources with proactive delay notifications, thereby decreasing costs.