Using FedEx InSight® - Shipment Visability


Shipment Visability

With FedEx InSight, you have the unique and convenient ability to monitor your recent FedEx shipments—inbound, outbound or third party. Whatever shipments you're looking for are organized right here in your FedEx InSight Summary Table.

You will be able to see how many Delivery Exceptions have occurred as well as how many of your International pieces are in Clearance Delay. If you have any items in Clearance Delay, or any items that have had an attempted delivery, simply click that item for more information.

If you want to see more details about any of these shipments, click the tracking number.

  • You will see the status, the ship dates and the estimated delivery dates, service type, number of pieces and weight, and the current status.
  • You'll also see reasons for any Clearance Delay Information and any actions you can take to expedite the shipment. FedEx InSight will offer you possible actions to take that will minimize delays for your package.
  • FedEx InSight displays your shipments from the time FedEx takes possession of your shipment until four days after each Proof of Delivery. For shipments that do not have Proof of Delivery, FedEx InSight will display them for you up to 15 days after the ship date.

You can set any of these three tabs to be the default tab shown anytime you click on a tracking number. This feature is available for all three tabs and can be reset to a different default at any time:

  • The Associated Shipments tab displays information for the multi-piece shipments. Here, you will see a list of associated shipments with individual information for each piece shipped. If you would like to filter your shipment view by category, you may do so here.
  • The Shipment Description tab allows you to view shipment contents, additional shipment information such as billing information, shipment type and even package dimensions. You will also see any special handling and commodity information.
  • The Tracking Results tab lets you see where your package has been from pick-up to delivery. You can also e-mail these detailed tracking results from here by clicking on the E-mail Results link. You can enter up to three e-mail addresses and even add a note to the e-mail message that person receives.