Welcome to FedEx Desktop!

Effective September 19, 2015, FedEx Desktop Tracker will be retired and all installation links, references, and promotional materials will be removed from fedex.com. Customers using FedEx Desktop Tracker should start using FedEx® Tracking online solution. FedEx Tracking gives customers versatile and flexible access to detailed information on the status of their shipments. Customers can sign up for the automatic notifications and personalize their view to have visibility to critical information. For more information on the benefits please go to http://www.fedex.com/us/fedextracking/.


In order for FedEx Desktop to operate, your system must comply with the requirements set forth elsewhere on the fedex.com/us/desktop/faq.html page. Without limiting the information set forth at such page, FedEx Desktop is intended to operate on the following operating systems: Microsoft® Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista. Macintosh PowerPC® or Intel® processor, Mac OS X v.10.4 or 10.5.

Without limiting any other requirements at the page set forth above, in order for FedEx Desktop to operate, your system must contain certain other Adobe programs and files ("Adobe Programs"). In order to ascertain whether the Adobe Programs are on your system, your system will be scanned. If you agree to such scan, please click the "Install now" button. If you do not agree to such scan, you must click the "Cancel" button and the installation process will terminate.


If the scan indicates that a required Adobe Program is missing, those programs and/or files may be downloaded to your system. All such programs and/or files are provided by Adobe Systems Incorporated ("Adobe") and are subject to and governed by your license agreement(s) with Adobe.


FedEx Desktop will not operate if the required Adobe Programs are not operating properly on your system. The FedEx Desktop End User License Agreement (EULA) does not permit use of FedEx Desktop on a different system. If you attempt to download or install FedEx Desktop on another system, you may damage that system and/or data located on it. FedEx assumes no responsibility or liability, and disclaims all responsibility and liability, for any damages and liability (including, without limitation, loss of programs and/or data) arising from or relating to (a) the scan; (b) your use of FedEx Desktop on either a different system or a system without the required Adobe Programs operating properly; or (c) the installation, operation, maintenance, or support of a Adobe Program(s) and/or your use (or inability to use) any Adobe Program(s). If you do not agree to the foregoing, you must click the "Cancel" button and the installation process will terminate.