How to Use FedEx Express Drop Boxes

ShowYour FedEx Express Drop Box network
Where are drop boxes located?

There are more than 43,000 FedEx Express® Drop Boxes across the country. They are conveniently located in grocery stores, at the Post OfficeTM, in office buildings, at FedEx Office locations, and in airports and shopping malls.

How do I find drop box locations near me?

You can find your drop box network on by clicking on Find Locations. Click on "Advanced location search," then on “Self-service,” and enter your home or work address. Choose special options you require such as “Package supplies available” or “Saturday service.”

ShowDrop box package guidelines
What kinds of packages can I put in a drop box?

You can use FedEx® packaging or use your own packaging with a FedEx shipping label. Our secure FedEx Express® Drop Boxes accept most letters and packages up to 20" x 12" x 6". Packages should not be left outside the drop box. Bring packages too large for the drop box compartment to the counter at a staffed FedEx location.

What kinds of packages can’t I put in a drop box?

Do not use drop boxes for FedEx Ground®, FedEx® International Next Flight, FedEx Same Day® and dangerous goods shipments.

Do I have to be a FedEx account holder to use a drop box?

You don’t need a FedEx account to use FedEx Express® Drop Boxes.

ShowHow to prepare your shipment
Can I find shipping supplies at the drop box?

Most drop boxes have a top compartment that stores shipping supplies, including FedEx® envelopes, shipping documents and document pouches.

Can I complete my shipping label online?

You can complete a shipping label online or manually.

What are my payment options for my drop box shipment?

It’s easy to pay for your shipping. You can enter your FedEx account number or major credit card number on the shipping label manually or online.

ShowDropping off your package
How do I find drop-off deadlines?

Drop-off times vary depending on location. Thousands of drop boxes across the country now offer extended drop-off times. Saturday pickup is also an option at select drop box sites. Go to Find Locations to determine the drop-off deadlines for drop boxes near you.

How do I track the status of my shipment?

A dial on the drop box indicates the scheduled pickup time and whether the pickup has been made for the day. Once your shipment has been picked up, you can track its status online.