Connecting with clinical trial determination

Rarely is more investment or hope riding on a shipment than in the case of a clinical trial. At FedEx, we provide the connectivity, product integrity, security, visibility and experience necessary to support clinical trials.

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Global reach for clinical trial returns

With clinical trials, getting samples back is as important as distributing them. As part of our commitment to connect the world of care, we’ll customize a return solution to match your clinical trial design’s protocols for temperature, time, handling, security and verifiable documentation.

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Packaging can make or break a clinical trial

Packaging can impact a clinical trial — and we're committed to making sure it doesn't. At FedEx, we've developed guidelines and packaging to help you succeed.

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Protecting every sample at every turn

Very few companies can afford to undertake the expense of a clinical trial, and fewer still can afford to repeat it if something goes awry. That’s why protecting every sample at every step is essential. You need to know what’s happening on the inside and outside of your high-value, sensitive, and critical shipments. With our monitoring, visibility, intervention, and secure transport options you know your samples receive the attention they need.

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Specialized knowledge for clinical trials

Trade and customs requirements for investigational samples and biological specimens vary by country and change frequently. It could take an entire team of experts to stay on top of the inbound and outbound customs documentation and packaging regulations. That’s where FedEx can help. Our FedEx Regulatory Consulting Group includes experts who are up to speed on trade compliance for clinical trials, and they’re standing by to assist you with your global shipping needs.

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Reliable temperature-controlled solutions for your research

Protect clinical samples, your subjects and your research with FedEx Temp-Assure®, our portfolio of temperature-controlled solutions.

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