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Healthcare: Special service for special shipments

In the healthcare industry, every minute counts. It's crucial that blood samples, medication, surgical supplies, and other high-value, time-sensitive and often temperature-controlled products are delivered on time.

Ship with added confidence
If there's a shipment delay during transit, we follow customized recovery procedures in an effort to make sure your healthcare shipments arrive safely, where and when they need to be there.

Take it to the next level
Ideal for the healthcare sector, FedEx Priority Alert Plus™ includes all the features of FedEx Priority Alert, plus recovery options such as dry-ice replenishment, gel-pack exchange and cold storage. 

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Industry-specific expertise to meet your unique needs

When you’re shipping high-value electronics, mission-critical machine parts, timely aerospace components or highly confidential records, you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your shipment is being monitored during transit.

FedEx Priority Alert service is ideally suited to meet the unique needs of these industries:

  • Aerospace. Fulfills your requirement for fast turnaround time for equipment and components while also enabling you to tackle security compliance and the safe transport of oversized and valuable goods.
    Learn more about FedEx® Aerospace Solutions
  • Electronics and industrial machinery. Provides the inventory management, visibility and responsiveness you need to meet your customers’ just-in-time demands — and maintain their productivity.
  • Financial. Maintains your company’s integrity by safely handling and delivering sensitive and confidential finances and identity records.

Reliability, visibility and responsiveness for all industries
Ship with confidence — your dedicated global service analyst, who understands your business, will provide around-the-clock monitoring, seven days a week, and proactive notification of any shipment delays. They’ll make every attempt to expedite at-risk shipments.