Map of the FedEx SmartPost Hub Network

FedEx SmartPost Hub Network

Hub IDs/Names

5015 Northborough, MA
5087 Edison, NJ
5150 Pittsburgh, PA
5185 Allentown, PA
5254 Martinsburg, WV
5281 Charlotte, NC
5303 Atlanta, GA
5327 Orlando, FL
5379 Memphis, TN
5431 Grove City, OH
5465 Indianapolis, IN
5481 Detroit, MI
5531 New Berlin, WI
5552 Minneapolis, MN
5631 St. Louis, MO
5648 Kansas, KS
5751 Dallas, TX
5771 Houston, TX
5802 Denver, CO
5843 Salt Lake City, UT
5854 Phoenix, AZ
5902 Los Angeles, CA
5929 Chino, CA
5958 Sacramento, CA
5983 Seattle, WA

FedEx SmartPost Zone Skipping

FedEx Smart Post Zone Skipping 

You can get your shipments to your customers quickly and realize significant cost savings with FedEx SmartPost® from FedEx Ground. FedEx SmartPost uses FedEx to ship packages to the U.S. Postal Service® (USPS) system destination closest to your customer, and the postal worker carries it the last leg for delivery. FedEx SmartPost uses a highly efficient, cost-effective network specifically built to tender low-weight, non-urgent packages to local USPS destinations. This ability to inject packages into local post offices is known as “zone skipping,” and it enables FedEx SmartPost to provide the highest-quality delivery service, in the shortest time, at the best possible price.

Here is how it works:

  • Based on your average daily shipping volume, we offer a customized solution to get your packages from your facility to our high-tech distribution facilities for same-day sorting.
  • After sorting at a FedEx facility, the packages are transported using the FedEx Ground shipping network.
  • When your shipments arrive at the destination hub, the packages are moved to the local post office.
  • The USPS then provides the “last mile delivery” to your customer.

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