FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics®

Your flexible solution for a time-sensitive supply chain

Developing an inventory management and distribution system for your company can be intimidating, but it’s critical for growing your business. FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics can help you manage your inventory on a global scale, saving you time and money while increasing your reach.

  • FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics

  • Fedex Critcal Inventory Logitics

Chapter 1:

Outsource, Optimize, and Reach Markets All Over the World

Protect high-tech, high-value, time-sensitive inventory and orders with FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics. We can help simplify inventory management and distribution, allowing you to reach your markets and maintain customer satisfaction.

  • A Global Distribution Network for Your Business

Chapter 2:

A Global Distribution Network for Your Business

Take advantage of distribution centers in key markets around the globe. Reach any of these centers through one easy-to-use system and manage your shipments anywhere, anytime.

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Chapter 3:

How We Help Businesses Like Yours

We can help you optimize your distribution network by making sure your stock is where you need it, when you need it. This saves your sales representatives time and effort and provides an easier way to reach customers for shipments and returns.

  • Visibility and Inventory Management

Chapter 4:

Visibility and Inventory Management

We’ve developed our technology solutions to meet critical customer needs, allowing us to manage your inventory whether it’s in stock or in transit — and to provide you with full visibility every step of the way.

  • Inside FedEx® Global Supply Chain Manager

Chapter 5:

Inside FedEx® Global Supply Chain Manager

Take an in-depth look at how your business can benefit from our system and see how easy it is to utilize our online tools.

  • Command, Control, and Customer Service

Chapter 6:

Command, Control, and Customer Service

We monitor every one of your shipments 24/7. See how FedEx takes steps throughout the shipping process to handle your shipment according to your exact needs.

  • Get Started Today

Chapter 7:

Get Started Today

Find out how to turn our infrastructure into your infrastructure, saving you time and money on distribution.