FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics®

FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics®

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Flexible Solutions for Time-Sensitive Supply Chains

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Outsource, Optimize and Reach Markets All Over the World

Protect high-tech, high-value, time-sensitive information and orders with FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics.

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Making the Case for FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics

Outsourcing your after-market inventory management process saves your company from excess inventory expenses and helps fulfill service level agreements.

Accelerate Your Critical Inventory Supply Chain

Enhance your overall performance and profitability with our end-to-end solutions.

Success Stories

Supporting Growth

Certified Retail Solutions enjoys cost-effective, flexible distribution.

FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics helped the company cut costs while maintaining flawless service.
See how FedEx helped this company get the right part to the right customer at the right time.

Getting Inventory Fast

Essintial Enterprise Solutions benefits from stocking locations.

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