Help your customers ship more seamlessly via FedEx — directly from your website or business application.

No matter your business type or size, our portfolio of web integration solutions lets you easily offer dynamic shipping-related services directly from your website and internal business applications. Streamline your workload and improve your business process with minimal time and investment. Simply plug in one of our web integration solutions and connect with the power of FedEx.

An Introduction to FedEx Web Services

Shipping is important, and streamlining the overall shipping experience can take your business to another level. See how other companies integrate FedEx Web Services into their business' website.

Solutions for Everyone and Every Need

Compare all of the web integration solutions to find the right one for your needs.

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I have IT resources/knowledge: Web Services

FedEx Web Services requires a degree of technical knowledge and ability. Perfect for those who want to integrate FedEx services into their own website or web enabled application.

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I prefer a 3rd party integrator: All-in-one Turnkey Solutions

The FedEx® Compatible enables you to integrate with third parties. Take advantage of a cost-effective and efficient way to work with your existing third-party solutions and software, while still accessing FedEx shipping functionality.

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Resources for Developers

Go to the FedEx Developer Resource Center for documentation and technical specifications to help you integrate with FedEx.

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