FedEx® Web Integration Solutions

FedEx® Web Integration Solutions

Implement shipping functionality in your system through FedEx or third-party software. 

Implement shipping functionality in your system through FedEx or third-party software. 

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Regardless of your developer resources, we have solutions to help you integrate shipping, tracking, rating, returns — as well as other FedEx capabilities — directly into your website or web-enabled application.


Direct Integration With FedEx

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FedEx Web Services

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Your Needs

Use this solution when you want to:


  • Integrate FedEx shipping functionality directly into your existing order entry, warehouse management and other business software systems without hosting your own software.
  • Have your own IT/developer resources create your own custom user interface.

Use these solutions when you want to:


  • Work with the software applications you’re currently using.
  • Ship with more than one carrier from a single shipping system or location.
  • Use an existing FedEx Compatible third-party system with shipping functionality.
  • Combine complex and customized integration needs (e.g., embed shipping functionality into ordering and fulfillment processes) into your system.
  • Use features and functionality not available through FedEx® proprietary electronic shipping solutions.
  • Automate your e-commerce carts (e.g., Magento, Zencart, OSCommerce or custom) and marketplace shipments on eBay,, PayPal, Google Checkout or Yahoo.

Features and Benefits

  • Integrates common FedEx functionality into your business workflow, including the ability to locate the best rates, estimate transit times and track the status of shipments.
  • Saves time by automating common processes such as rate and service selection, label generation and data exchange between information sources.
  • Uses industry standards and is compatible with a comprehensive array of developer's tools. The result is faster time to market and an increased flexibility to integrate FedEx transactions and information into your applications. FedEx Web Services Developers Language (WSDLs) is designed to be fully interoperable with any product or developer's tool that also conforms to the WS-I Basic Profile.
  • Provides access to the FedEx Developer Resource Center, which offers developers a secure environment to make use of the resources necessary for integration, from product planning guidance, documentation and sample code to testing and production.
  • Take advantage of the peace of mind associated with a successful, marketplace-tested solution.
  • Forgo extensive employee training by shipping with the business software you use every day.
  • Reduce costly keystroke errors.
  • Access shipping options and rates for FedEx and other featured carriers without having to switch programs or re-enter information.




Delivery Platform

Interface to FedEx hosted functionality used by developers to integrate FedEx shipping or FedEx Office document printing and finishing functionality into software programs, websites or web applications.

Platforms vary depending on the FedEx Compatible provider you choose. Browse all providers.

Ideal Industries

  • Online retailers
  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers
  • Other businesses handling online transactions that require quick, web-based solutions
  • E-commerce
  • Small to medium-sized business

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