Need a powerful and easy solution? No problem.

Regardless of whether you’re a small-business owner, or midsize- to large-business owner, we have solutions to help you integrate shipping, tracking, rating, and more into your website — without needing a dedicated developer resource.

With FedEx® Web Integration Wizard, you can:

  • Compare FedEx shipping rates
  • Compare FedEx transit times
  • Create FedEx shipping labels
  • Track the status of FedEx® shipments
  • Process return shipments
  • Complete international shipping

How it works

The wizard is a free web application that generates ready-to-use, customizable html code. The wizard handles the difficult aspects of developing and coding FedEx Web Services into a website.

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Ideal users

Ideal for online retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and other businesses handling online transactions that need a quick web-based solution, but don’t have a dedicated developer resource.


Lowers your operating costs; helps you provide greater customer satisfaction; provides a more engaging website and allows for more efficient growth.

Featured Case Study

Read about how Perry International found a quick and easy way to integrate with FedEx and help improve their customers’ experience.

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Interested in more advanced web integration solutions?

Have developer resources and/or technical know-how? FedEx Web Services offers simple integration with some of the most powerful FedEx shipping-related tools and services. Not sure which solution is right for you?
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