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Alternative Methods of Transmitting Certificates of Origin

Alternative Methods of Transmitting Certificates of Origin

As of Aug. 30, 2007, the following options that allow for the electronic transmission of certificates of origin are considered acceptable by the CBSA:

Scanned certificates of origin: The exporter may scan a completed and signed certificate of origin for electronic transmission to the importer. This entitles the importer to receive and maintain the certificate of origin electronically and to transmit the scanned certificate of origin by e-mail upon request to the CBSA.

Certificates of origin with power of attorney:  The exporter provides the importer with vested power of attorney, thereby authorizing the importer to complete the certificate of origin for the goods. The importer is allowed to complete and maintain the certificate of origin electronically and transmit it to the CBSA upon request. At that time, the importer must be able to prove to the satisfaction of the CBSA that he or she has the legal authority to complete and sign the certificate of origin (D11-4-14).

Electronic certificates of origin — Customs Self Assessment (CSA) program participants only: All importers approved to participate in the CSA program may receive electronic certificates of origin. With this option, an alternative signature to the traditional cursive signature can be used on the certificate of origin. For example, the alternative could be a series of numbers that represent the exporter’s signature. With this option, no one is required to physically sign the document and, as such, it can be both created and transmitted electronically without the need for any paper copy. All the data elements on the certificate of origin are required but do not need to be in the form of a certificate. The importer is fully responsible to ensure the secure transmission and validity of the certificate of origin, including the signature on the certificate. This option is initially being offered to CSA participants to allow the CBSA to fully test the concept before determining the feasibility of expanding this option to all commercial importers.

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