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Korea - Clearance Requirements

Korea - Clearance Requirements

Address Requirement

On Nov 3, 2014, the Korea Customs Service (KCS) began to fully enforce the use of road name addresses. Shipments with addresses based on the old land-oriented lot-number system are non-compliant. To avoid customs delays, road name addresses (road/street name, house/building number, and postal code) must be provided on the air waybill and commercial invoice.

To find road name addresses corresponding to the old lot-number addresses, click here to access an address conversion site.

For detailed information, please visit the FedEx Express Korea regulatory news page.

Shipments Valued up to USD$100

On Sept. 1, 2014, Korean customs introduced a new customs requirement for informal shipments valued up to USD$100. The HS (Harmonized System) code for these shipments must be provided on the air waybill. If the HS code is not provided, shipments may be inspected and delayed by customs. A list of HS codes for commodities imported into Korea can be found at

Korean customs began screening non-dutiable shipments with a declared value up to USD$100 on July 1, 2009. To avoid customs clearance and delivery delays, shippers must continue to provide the following information on the air waybill and supporting shipping documents.

  1. Complete and accurate recipient information
  2. Detailed commodity description
  3. Commodity value
  4. Quantity of commodity

The accurate, fair market value must appear on the air waybill and supporting shipping documents for all items; including but not limited to samples, items for repair, replacements, and used items.