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Packing Resources and Supplies for LTL Freight: Packaging Tips

Packing Resources and Supplies for LTL Freight: Packaging Tips

Service Guide

Service Guide

Here's where you can find some common examples and tips to get you started shipping with FedEx Freight.

Quick Tips

Proper packaging of your freight is the best way to ensure your goods arrive safely at their destination. Follow these quick tips for shipping bags, cartons, crates and more. For more tips on how to protect and secure your shipments, see FedEx Freight Packaging Recommendations.



Example of packing bags together

Use the interlocking stack method. Add a solid bottom cushion or load protector. Cardboard the outside of bags when possible.

Example of tightly secured bags on

Keep bags within the pallet perimeter. Tightly secure bags to the pallet.


Example of stacking cartons in columns
Example of staggering cartons on pallet

Use the column or interlocking stack method. Avoid overhang to reduce the risk of damage.

Example of tightly secured cartons on pallet

Add stretch wrap for additional protection.

Shelf-Ready Cartons

Example of shelf-ready cartons stacked on pallet

Use the column stack method. Add corner edge-boards and top and bottom corrugated pads.

Example of stretch wrap tightly securing cartons for protection

Add stretch wrap for additional protection.


Example of crate

Use quality lumber (plywood). Use diagonal braces and appropriate fastener on the side grain for corners.


Example of drums stacked on pallet

If palletized, band and protect. Support with a solid bottom.

Example of drums with banding and edge protection on pallet

Use banding, edge protection and stretch wrapping. Do not exceed three pails in height.

Spools and Reels

Example of spool tightly secured to pallet

Securely anchor to pallets that may be forklifted.


Diagram showing how to pack engine

Drain all engine fluids. Block or brace engine in a wood crate or corrugated box.

Example of tightly secured engine on pallet

Band it securely to a pallet. Add stretch wrap for additional protection.

Pipes and Other Long Freight

Example of packaged pipe

Bundle, secure and crate.


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