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Cool Solutions for Residential Delivery

Cool Solutions for Residential Delivery

Many small businesses and their customers use FedEx Home Delivery® for convenient residential shipping. But for some customers of Qore Performance, it helps fulfills an urgent and serious need.

Keeping Cool

Qore Performance is a Virginia-based company that sells wearable cooling and warming technology to the military, police, industrial clients and consumers exposed to extreme temperatures. One of its popular products, the IcePlate, for instance, is a thin water bottle worn close to the body. The powerful hydration system is designed to fit under armor, where it can help the wearer maintain a safe body temperature in hot or cold climates.

When selling gear to military personnel, in particular, fast, flexible and convenient shipping means everything. “A lot of times, our customers are being deployed,” explains J.D. Willcox, Qore Performance co-founder and CFO. Deployment can happen on relatively short notice — for example, less than a month for the Army National Guard. “It's something where every day counts,” Willcox says.

Providing an Important Service

For those customers, Qore Performance ships packages via FedEx Home Delivery, a FedEx Ground® service that provides convenient, day-definite delivery to residential addresses.

“We need customers to be able to get packages on Saturdays,” Willcox says. “If customers don't get it by Saturday and they get deployed on Sunday, they won't have the equipment they need overseas. That could potentially put their life more at risk.”

Not all Qore Performance customers face such extreme circumstances as those in the military. But as temperatures rise or plummet, fast and reliable delivery of their products is critical for anyone working outdoors or enjoying outdoor recreation in hot or cold climates.

A Competitive Advantage

Being able to offer FedEx Home Delivery to its customers gives Qore Performance a competitive advantage — it’s as easy as including a field in the checkout process where customers can make specific requests.

And it can be an important delivery service for your small-business customers.

As you make conversation with customers who use your shipping services for e-commerce, inform them of the benefits of FedEx Home Delivery for their residential customers. To view specific origin-to-destination information for FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery shipments from your store’s ZIP code, go to

Your customers will get more business, and that means more business — and more loyalty — for you.

Cool news indeed.