FedEx SmartPost®

FedEx SmartPost®



Get an in-depth, interactive look into what FedEx SmartPost and FedEx SmartPost® Returns have to offer.

FedEx SmartPost

Check out these tutorials for shipping low-weight packages to your customers using the FedEx SmartPost network.*

FedEx SmartPost Returns

These tutorials show you how to process low-weight return shipments — at least 20 per day — from your customers.*

Getting Started

FedEx SmartPost and FedEx SmartPost® Returns are contract-only services. For more information or to get started using either service, contact your FedEx account executive or call 1.800.463.3339. We’ll work directly with you to:

  • Review and sign a contract for service.
  • Review your operation and develop a rollout plan.
  • Establish a USPS Mailer ID.
  • Work with you and the USPS to obtain USPS Label Certification.

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