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LTL Select

LTL Select

An easier way to compare freight quotes from multiple carriers.

An easier way to compare freight quotes from multiple carriers.

Getting freight quotes from multiple carriers can be complicated and time-consuming. But not anymore. With LTL Select, you enter your information one time, and then compare your freight shipping rates quickly and easily. And it won’t cost you a penny.

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Lock in the right rate in minutes

With LTL Select, you can see and compare your carrier rates all in one place. Just enter your shipment information and get a side-by-side rate comparison. You can even obtain a quote and make payments right there and then. If you need assistance, we can partner with you to help you get started.

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Sustainable chemical maker swears by LTL Select

See why LTL Select is a natural fit for Envirox, a fast-growing earth-friendly cleaning supplier.

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LTL Select Helps You:

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Reduce Errors

By submitting shipment details one time, you reduce the likelihood of errors and free up staff to focus on growing your business.

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Generate Faster BOLs

Create a BOL in as few as two clicks. When you receive your quotes, simply select the one you want, then generate your bill of lading.

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Improve Tracking Visibility

Get instant tracking and confirmation information.

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Eliminate Redundancies

Use the ship again feature to lock in quotes and easily schedule recurring shipments.

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Ship Hazardous Materials

Quote and ship hazardous materials on the spot.

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Get Volume Rate

Get side-by-side quotes for volume shipping services.

LTL Select

This intuitive platform connects shippers to LTL carriers. It is provided by FedEx, but run by a third party. FedEx does not see your customers' accounts or transactions with any other carriers.