Consolidate Your Packages and Your Efforts

Why consolidate packages?

FedEx International Ground Consolidation is a new service that offers cost-efficient, reliable shipping from FedEx International Ground® with the added benefit of automatic shipment consolidation when you ship to or from Canada. Unless you opt to exclude a package from consolidation, FedEx consolidates all qualifying packages for you, en route, at no extra cost. Consolidated packages clear customs as one shipment, saving on brokerage fees.

  • Simplify the process
  • Save time
  • Increase visibility
  • Be cost-efficient
  • Deliver faster
International Ground Consolidation

If your business sends multiple shipments to multiple destinations in Canada per day, FedEx International Ground Consolidation will consolidate your packages into one shipment to be cleared and handled as one customs entry with a single brokerage fee. Here’s how it works:

1. Contact a FedEx account executive to get set up with FedEx International Ground Consolidation.

2. After the setup process is complete, log in on and select FedEx International Ground service.

3. Prior to shipment, use FedEx® Electronic Trade Documents to streamline shipment preparation and submit customs documentation electronically. You can also opt out of consolidation during this phase.

4. Consolidation begins while packages are en route to the FedEx Ground station.

5. Smart consolidation excludes shipments that do not need to clear customs (based on declared value), which helps you avoid unnecessary brokerage/customs costs.

6. Electronic shipment data is transmitted to a broker for entry and customs processing.

7. Once the shipment clears customs, consolidated shipments cross the border together and arrive at the destination international gateway.

8. Packages are then deconsolidated and sorted to their final destination.