Customer picking up package from a  Walgreens location

Happier Holidays With Package Pickup at Walgreens

Happier Holidays With Package Pickup at Walgreens

Can shipped items get there before you do?

The holiday season: It’s one of the busiest times of the year. As your customers gear up to shop for their holiday gifts, you need a way for your small business to stand out from the competition — and your customers need a way to get their package deliveries without missing a beat.

Accomplish both goals by offering Hold at Location.

To accommodate online and on-the-go shoppers, Hold at Location lets customers opt to retrieve their FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground® and FedEx Home Delivery® shipments at a local FedEx Office location or at participating retail establishments.

Give your customers a holiday gift

Make the season bright this holiday by offering Hold at Location to busy shoppers. They’ll appreciate knowing their packages are safe and ready for pickup within five business days after they’re delivered:  

  • Convenient. Thousands of FedEx and participating retail locations nationwide, with many open late hours. For added accessibility, Walgreens is also open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for package pickup.

  • Secure. Packages are released only with proper identification.

  • Cost-effective. There’s no extra charge for you or your customers.

More pickup locations

This year, there’s even more reason to spread good cheer. Walgreens now provides FedEx® drop-off and pickup services at nearly 8,000 locations nationwide, giving your customers access to additional convenient and time-saving options.

Plus, because Walgreens is also open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, your customers will have greater peace of mind knowing they can pick up their packages up to the last minute.

For your business, that can mean fewer claims and customer service calls — letting you experience a smooth and productive holiday season.

Need for secure package delivery

Every time your customers place an order on your website or request that the gift they purchase in your shop gets shipped to another address, they trust the package will arrive when expected and in excellent condition.

However, according to a 2016 survey of U.S. homeowners, 53 percent worry that packages left outside their home will be stolen. That figure increases to 74 percent among homeowners who previously had a package stolen.*

Since shoppers and gift recipients are more likely to be away from home during the hectic holiday season, it’s more important than ever to find a solution that works.

Building customer confidence — and loyalty

Want to make sure your customers can take advantage of this secure and convenient solution? Simply contact your account representative about incorporating Hold at Location functionality into your website. There’s no cost to you or your customers.

During checkout, shoppers who want to choose an away-from-home pickup option can see a list of the closest eligible locations to select from, including FedEx Office locations, grocery stores and now thousands of participating Walgreens locations.

When you create the shipping label, follow these steps:

  1. Fill in the customer’s name and shipping address. 
  2. In the Special Service section, click “Edit,” then check the “Hold at Location” box. 
  3. Select “Nearest location” for an address closest to your customer’s residence or select “View more locations” to indicate the FedEx, Walgreens or other participating establishment that your customer specified. 

Savvy businesses know how to make the most out of the busy shopping — and shipping — season. Work with a reliable shipping company that knows how to meet your customers on their own terms and you just might find yourself with more repeat business in the new year.

Make shopping — and shipping — a breeze

You have the freedom to offer online shoppers more choices than ever before. Learn more about Hold at Location and see just how much ease and flexibility you can provide.


*Edelman Intelligence, “Package Theft Report,” 2016. August Home.