Cross-border commerce just got more affordable

A great time to market to customers in the U.S.

Canadian exporters can now ship more goods to the U.S. duty- and tax-free with the recent informal entry value increase from USD$200 to USD$800, making cross-border commerce more affordable.*

The higher threshold provides Canadian businesses with the opportunity to benefit from faster, simplified customs clearance and procedures for a greater number of shipments, which in turn helps accelerate delivery. It also enhances the U.S. consumer experience — not only will delivery potentially be faster, but goods will be more affordable and the entire end-to-end process will be streamlined.

The new USD$800 duty- and tax-free threshold allows Canadian businesses to:

  • save on duties, taxes and brokerage fees
  • create a diversified portfolio by expanding into new markets
  • sell a larger selection of duty- and tax-free products
  • pass on savings to consumers through more competitively-priced merchandise
  • invest savings back into the business
  • stimulate the local economy

We’ll help take your business into new markets. To learn more about these recent changes, please click here or contact the FedEx Express Customs and Regulatory Solutions department via email at or call 1.866.814.7741.


Please note that the $800 threshold applies to a shipment of merchandise imported by one person on one day and only applies to qualifying goods — commodities regulated or controlled by other government departments are still subject to existing requirements (e.g., licenses, permits, etc.). In addition, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and other U.S. government agencies may still require an examination and a formal entry on any U.S. import shipment regardless of the value.