Wi-Fi Hotspot – Free at FedEx Office

Customers will find free Wi-Fi service provided through AT&T at all Canadian FedEx Office® locations. These hotspots will help busy professionals connect to the internet from a location that is convenient to working on the go and offers access to business support services.

Find a Wi-Fi Location

Free Wi-Fi access is a significant resource for mobile professionals and small businesses, many of which already rely on FedEx Office, for printing and shipping services each day.

Free Wi-Fi at FedEx Office

  • Easy to access to start a new FedEx Office order, check current order status and more
  • Fast, reliable access to the internet, email and networks
  • Easy connection process
  • 24/7/365 customer support

If you do not see the AT&T Wi-Fi Welcome Page, you may need to configure the SSID or Network Name to “attwifi”. For additional support, please see one of our team members.