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Preparing to Ship Online
  Whether you are a one-time or every day shipper, or in need of customized solutions to meet your specific business needs, we can help. To help prepare you, we've outlined 6 things you'll need to know to get started.

FedEx® Services
Determine the FedEx service that gets your shipment where you need it to go and when.

Package Details
Know your shipment specifications and the supplies you'll need.

Additional Services
(if required)
Determine if your shipment requires additional services.

Rates and Transit Times
Get detailed cost estimates and easily compare rates among different FedEx services, origins and destinations.
Customs Documentation
(if required)
Identify required customs documents for your international shipment.
Pickup and Drop Off
Make the necessary arrangements to get your shipment into our hands.


Now that you know the 6 things you need to get started, select a shipping tool to begin.

  • FedEx Ship Manager Lite
  • FedEx Ship Manager Advanced

Select a Shipping Tool
FedEx offers many different shipping tools.
Choose from the options below to find the right tool for you.
FedEx Ship ManagerTM Lite
For basic one-piece shipments, FedEx Ship ManagerTM Lite is the fastest way to create a shipping label with or without a FedEx account*.
No need to create a
user ID or login.
Prepare a single
piece shipment in just
a few steps.
Pay with a credit card
or a FedEx account.
Intuitive step-by-step
screens provide
pro-active help.

  • Training Support

Additional Support
Training Support
Learn how to use FedEx shipping tools with our
self-service guides.

  • Find Other Shipping Solutions

Additional Tools
Find Other Shipping Solutions
Need tailored shipping for your business?
Contact us
today or view all shipping tools & services to find
what's right for you.

*FedEx Ship ManagerTM Lite does have shipping limitations, which include no Dangerous Goods/Hazmat shipping, multiple-piece shipping, freight shipping, shipments requiring a B13A export declaration, items subject to be shipped with an export license, when Terms of Sale or Importer of Record need to be changed, packages over 150 lbs./68 kgs, and items subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). For these advanced features, use FedEx Ship ManagerTM at

**Some restrictions apply. See the Terms and Conditions in the FedEx Service Guide at for details.