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Keep critical parts in sight

United, the world's leading airline, uses SenseAware®, a FedEx innovation, to monitor the location and security of its critical repair tools so it can keep its fleet in the air at all times.

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Be in the know

Knowledge is power. You want complete visibility for your aerospace shipments so you can plan with confidence and even adjust and intervene when necessary. We’ve got solutions to help you do just that. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your shipments are on time and on track.

  • In-transit monitoring: SenseAware, a FedEx innovation

In-transit monitoring: SenseAware®, a FedEx innovation

With SenseAware, you can keep precise tabs on the location and conditions of your most important shipments, taking visibility, security and control to a whole new level. The SenseAware device collects and transmits data from inside packages, pallets, trailers and warehouses using wireless communication. The data is sent in real time to a powerful online application for monitoring and analysis.

The data the device collects includes:

  • Current location
  • Accurate temperature
  • Light exposure
  • Relative humidity
  • Barometric pressure
  • Shock

Customizable triggers enable you to determine when and how you are notified of critical events, and collaboration tools empower immediate issue resolution.

SenseAware is available as a subscription or pay-as-you go option. For more information, visit or call 901.434.3030.

We’re our own biggest customer

Every day, the FedEx Express Aircraft on Ground (AOG) team in Memphis, Tenn., has the daunting task of ensuring the timely delivery of critical maintenance and repair parts for the world’s largest express transportation company ― FedEx Express! What solution does the AOG team rely on to accomplish such a job? SenseAware®, a FedEx innovation.

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Advanced monitoring and dedicated support: FedEx Priority Alert®

Take the worry out of shipment monitoring by having us do it for you. We'll assign your account to a global service analyst who provides around-the-clock support, advanced shipment monitoring, personalized, proactive notification in the event of a delay and, when necessary, customized package recovery.

Features of service include:

  • Global connectivity. FedEx Priority Alert is available in more than 70 countries. Thanks to our extensive global distribution network, your shipments stay with us — from start to finish.
  • Special service. You work with your global service analyst to determine and coordinate notification and recovery procedures, based on what you want and need.
  • Priority placement. Your FedEx Priority Alert shipments receive priority boarding and placement on our aircraft and, where available, priority clearance handling to ensure maximum time for clearance issue resolution.

    For more information about FedEx Priority Alert, contact your FedEx account executive. Don't have a FedEx account executive? Call 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 for immediate assistance.

  • Advanced monitoring and dedicated support: FedEx Priority Alert

Shipment-status tracking the way you want: FedEx® Tracking

No matter what you’re shipping or where you’re shipping it, the FedEx Tracking tool on can provide the info you need — along with the level of convenience or detail you want. Get basic package-status info without even logging in, or use your FedEx account to access advanced features tailored to your needs.

The basics
Enter up to 30 FedEx tracking, door tag or reference numbers; click Track; and instantly view your shipping status, with a number of options:

  • Refresh and review: Save tracking numbers so you can quickly recheck shipping status on return visits.
  • Identify shipments: Assign nicknames to shipments. Eliminate confusion by labeling orders in a way that makes sense to you.
  • Create a watch list: Monitor important time-sensitive shipments more closely. Plus, stay updated on shipments you think may experience delays.
  • View shipment exceptions: In the rare case of clearance delays or delivery exceptions, the status will be highlighted in red.

Advanced tracking
For a richer, customizable experience, log in using your user ID and password. All of the basic features are at your disposal, along with tools to take your tracking to the next level:

  • Use calendar or list view. Calendar view organizes in-transit shipments by date. List view allows you to filter and sort orders based on your priorities. Toggle between the two as needed.
  • Send email notifications. Send a notice to up to four email recipients about shipment status.
  • Obtain proof of delivery. When your customer receives a FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground® or FedEx Freight® shipment, you can view an image of their signature as confirmation.
  • Export shipment information. Keep the data for your records: Export shipment details into a spreadsheet in CSV or XML format.

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