FedEx® Aerospace Solutions

FedEx® Aerospace Solutions

Fulfill your shipping and supply chain needs with our customized service options. Plus, get access to industry news and updates.

Fulfill your shipping and supply chain needs with our customized service options. Plus, get access to industry news and updates.

Whether you’re in the business of aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul, or manufacturing — building entire planes or supplying parts — we can help you develop shipping and supply chain solutions that maximize your efficiency and minimize costly downtime.

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Keep Your Business Flying High

Aerospace shipping needs can be highly variable. Some projects call for expedited delivery of time-sensitive materials. Other projects require a dedicated and reliable supply chain that needs to cross multiple borders seamlessly.

With 656 of our own aircraft to operate and maintain to help run our business, we understand the needs of the aerospace industry from the inside out.

Whatever your aerospace supply chain need, we can help you meet it. We have customized services, a global network that reaches major aerospace centers, a variety of expedited shipping solutions, customs brokerage expertise and much more.

Aerospace Service Options

Customs and Regulatory Compliance

When the aircraft you’re servicing are across the globe, our customs experts will get your parts seamlessly across borders.

Tracking and Monitoring

Complete visibility of your shipments and their arrival time lets you plan with confidence and intervene when necessary.

Global Shipping

Because your business supports aircraft wherever they are, we’ll help you reach every major aerospace center, airport and maintenance hub around the world.

Critical and Time-Sensitive Shipments

When timing is everything, use our special services to handle shipments of any size and complexity, including oversized parts and engines

Related Service Options

Streamline Global Returns

Have control over your returns process, enjoy flexibility and get customs documentation assistance.

Space Logistics

Get information on all the ways we can help you with your space shipping and packaging needs.

Helpful Resources

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Resource Center

Keep up to date on the aerospace industry. Check out our videos, success stories, product overviews, webinars and more.

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