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FedEx® Aerospace Solutions

FedEx® Aerospace Solutions

Customs & Regulatory Services

Customs & Regulatory Services

Cross Borders Effortlessly

Know your aerospace parts and products will cross borders smoothly when you tap into a range of solutions that fit your needs, with customs expertise at the ready. Choose from self-service to one-on-one assistance, plus have full access to cutting-edge technology.


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Get Expert Customs Assistance

When it comes to moving parts and products across borders without delays, FedEx Trade Networks has the knowledge and resources to meet your customs brokerage needs.

We serve as a single resource from classification to clearance to post-entry services, all at economical rates. You can rely on our uniform processes to simplify international shipping for both imports and exports no matter the mode — ocean, air or ground.

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FedEx International Broker Select®

Concerned about customs delays? Don’t be. By using electronic data interchange (EDI) technology, in most cases we’ve got your shipment cleared through customs before it even arrives in the destination country, all at no extra cost.

Designate your own customs-clearance broker for select FedEx Express® services using FedEx International Broker Select. This option is available to FedEx Express clearance points in more than 120 countries and can be used with these services:


Service Details

Service Description

FedEx International Broker Select enables the sender or recipient to designate a specific customs broker other than FedEx (or our designated broker) when shipping via the following services to select countries:

Delivery Area

FedEx International Broker Select is available for shipments to more than 120 countries.

Additional Information

FedEx Express can complete delivery after customs clearance, depending on clearance arrangements made by the designated broker (an additional fee may apply). FedEx Ground provides final delivery to the recipient for all shipments once they have cleared customs.

Special Instructions

Indicate the broker's name, address (including ZIP code or postal code) and telephone number when requesting this option (if using paper air waybills, use the FedEx® Expanded Service International Air Waybill).


Saturday service is not available for FedEx International Broker Select shipments.

How to Use

For more information, contact your FedEx account executive.

Additional Information for FedEx Express® Shipments 

FedEx International Broker Select shipments are routed to the FedEx in-bond location that serves your customs broker. If you choose to have us deliver the shipment to a recipient who is served by a different FedEx location (typically in a different metropolitan area), a fee applies. 

Declared value for carriage and customs limits vary by country. You may ship an unlimited number of commodities with FedEx International Broker Select using a single air waybill. In addition to all commodities acceptable for FedEx International Priority and FedEx International Economy, you may ship the following items using FedEx International Broker Select (but certain restrictions apply; please contact FedEx Customer Service at 1.800.463.3339 and say "international services" for destination requirements):

a.     Products from animals, marine life or fowl. When importing into the U.S., these products can be accepted with FedEx International Broker Select only if directed to one of these cities:

ANC/Anchorage, AK

MSY/New Orleans, LA

ORD/Chicago, IL

JFK/New York City, NY

PDX/Portland, OR

SEA/Seattle, WA

SFO/San Francisco, CA

EWR/Newark, NJ

BWI/Baltimore, MD

DFW/Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

HNL/Honolulu, HI

LAX/Los Angeles, CA

MIA/Miami, FL

ATL/Atlanta, GA

BOS/Boston, MA

b.     Personal-effects shipments claiming exemption from duty.

c.     Shipments for which a non FedEx broker will make entry under a Temporary Import Bond (TIB). Shipments previously imported into a country under a TIB that are being tendered for re-export are not acceptable.

FedEx (or the broker selected by FedEx) will not advance or bill any duties and taxes if FedEx International Broker Select has been selected. FedEx (or the broker selected by FedEx) also reserves the right to clear the shipment if the broker cannot be determined or will not perform clearance, or if complete broker information is not provided (including name, address, phone number and postal code).

If FedEx clears the shipment, all terms and conditions of FedEx International Priority and FedEx International Economy apply. FedEx International Broker Select shipments are routed to the FedEx facility nearest to the broker that has been customs-approved for holding in-bond shipments.


My Global Trade Data

Get up-to-the-minute information on your international shipments with My Global Trade Data. This online suite of services, provided through FedEx Trade Networks, delivers customs brokerage, export and transportation information and more.


Access information about your international shipments, view your electronic documents and generate reports online.

Peruse our resource library of international trade news and information on tariffs, regulations and import requirements.

Create customs documents for U.S.-Canada border shipments online, then save them to a database, print them and pass them on to your carrier.

Get real-time inventory data and enhanced reporting capabilities.

View timely duty and tax information for more than 175 countries in a simplified, standardized format.

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FedEx® Global Trade Manager

This regularly updated online solution helps streamline international shipping preparation and management with 24/7 tools and services. Count on FedEx Global Trade Manager to help you:

  • Find the proper documents required for international shipping.
  • Prepare, store and reuse customs documents online.
  • Calculate preshipment duty and tax cost estimates.
  • View advisories concerning your shipment.
  • Research country profiles.
  • Search an up-to-date international denied-party-screening database.
  • Use product profiles to manage your commodity information.

Get started with online shipping tools

FedEx® Electronic Trade Documents

Save time and money by submitting your international customs documentation electronically. With FedEx Electronic Trade Documents, you’ll no longer need to print multiple copies for your shipments. And because online submission enables earlier broker review, you have additional time to resolve any potential shipment issues, reducing the risk of your shipments getting delayed at customs.

Use FedEx Electronic Trade Documents for your FedEx Express® and FedEx International Ground® shipments.

Avoid shipment delays at customs

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