FedEx Heavyweight Kit

Heavyweight Stage 3 Kit for Boeing B727-200 Aircraft

JT8D-9, -15, -17 Powered B727-200 Models
Engines JT8D-9, -9A JT8D-15, -15A JT8D-9, -17, -17A, -17R
Certified MTOGW 170,000 160,000 184,200
(range lbs.) 197,000 199,000 203,000
STC received June '93 Sept '92 June '93


B727-200 Models
Engines JT8D-17R, -17AR JT8D-17R, -17AR JT8D-17R, -17AR
Certified MTOGW range 190,500 184,200 193,000
(lbs.) 193,000 190,000 198,000
MLW (lbs.) up to 166,000 166,000 161,000
STC received April '97 April '97 April '97

JT8D-17R configurations with maximum take-off weights below 190,500 lbs. and above 193,000 lbs. require Burbank Acoustical Inlets at additional expense.

Other takeoff/landing weight configurations are available upon request.

Performance Notes

  • Maximum flap setting for the above configurations is 30 degrees, although 40 degree flaps are available for emergencies.
  • Takeoff flaps are configured per existing Aircraft Flight Manual.
  • There is no change in thrust performance at any throttle setting.
  • Aircraft weight increase will be approximately 900 lbs. per aircraft, or 1200 lbs. if 300 lbs. optional ballast is used.
  • No change in specific fuel consumption is expected for FedEx Heavyweight Stage 3 Kits: A block fuel burn increase of up to 0.5% may be encountered on stage lengths under 500 n.m.
  • ICAO Chapter 3 certification is available for all configurations.
  • Order lead-time: Call for availability.