Protecting Yourself

Learn more about protecting yourself online. 

FedEx is working hard to help make your online experience safe. You can help by following a few simple tips:

Learn to spot fraudulent e-mails and Web sites. Never provide your credit card number, FedEx account number or personal information via e-mail or to unknown parties. Learn more about potential online fraud.

Keep your login and password safe. Use a strong password, not one based on common words or easily guessed terms, such as birthdays or first names. Never write down your password or share it with others.

Safeguard your FedEx account number. Never share or publish your FedEx account number online. Sharing your account number can lead to misuse and unauthorized shipments. Published account numbers may be cataloged by search engines, making them easily accessible to malicious users. Learn more about a FedEx program that can notify you when someone else attempts to use your account number for shipping purposes on FedEx Ship Manager® at

Exercise caution using public computers. Public Web browsers can cache personal data and store log-in details. Always log off of Web sites and clear the browser cache, denying subsequent users access to your accounts and private information.

Are you password savvy?
You know a strong password can help protect your online accounts from intruders, but do you know what makes a password strong? Test your passwords below to find out.

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While the minimum requirement for your password is eight (8) characters and must contain at least 1 upper case letter, 1 lower case letter, and 1 numeric character, we recommend choosing a stronger password. 

Keep your computer up-to-date on all security patches. will never attempt to harm your computer, but other sites are not as trustworthy. Keeping your OS and browser patched can help protect against malicious software.

Use the Right Tools

Keeping your browser up-to-date is vital in protecting yourself on the Internet. Your browser vendor can recommend the best version and configuration for security and functionality.

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