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FedEx® EDI Electronic Invoice & Remittance

Streamline your invoicing process by integrating FedEx EDI (electronic data interchange) Invoice & Remittance into your accounts payable process and electronically receive FedEx invoice data including domestic, international shipments, duties and taxes.

In addition, invoices for all your shipping locations can be consolidated into a daily or weekly EDI invoice file simplifying verification and payment whether you ship with FedEx using air waybills or one of the FedEx Ship Manager solutions.

Getting Started
To save time and eliminate paperwork by implementing FedEx EDI Invoice & Remittance, call 1.888.450.1774 or contact your FedEx Account Executive.

For complete details on how to get setup on FedEx EDI Invoice & Remittance, download the FedEx EDI Implementation Guide, either in FedEx Proprietary, CSV (Comma Delimited) or X12, Version 4060 formats.

NOTE: These guides cover domestic and international shipping invoices for U.S. payors. If you are a Canadian, South American, Asia/Pacific, or European payor, contact your FedEx Account Executive for more information.

Content in these guides may not be reproduced or otherwise modified without the express permission of FedEx.

Technical Support
For answers to technical questions, call Electronic Revenue Services at 1.888.450.1774.