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The ways in which satellite and space-related products and technology are used on a daily basis to improve human welfare, safety and prosperity on Earth is breathtaking. It's an exciting time to be part of the global space marketplace, which is poised for rapid growth and innovation. Opportunities abound — in both traditional uses and exciting new entrepreneurial ideas and applications.  

Whatever part you play in this cutting-edge industry, we can help you develop shipping and packaging solutions that maximize your efficiency, minimize costly downtime and safeguard the delivery of your critical space assets.

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FedEx® Space Desk: Your Single Point of Contact

Whether building a large or small satellite or engaging in research on the International Space Station, you’re the expert in your field. Shipping and logistics management? That’s where we excel. So put your shipping in our capable hands, and spend your valuable time doing what you do best. Our knowledgeable staff, dedicated exclusively to the space industry, will craft a customized solution that completely fits your unique logistics needs.

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  • Tracking and Monitoring Solutions

Tracking and Monitoring Solutions

You need to know your space asset is secure, on time and exactly where you need it to be. You want the kind of visibility that lets you plan with confidence and adjust and intervene when necessary. We have the tools you need.

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  • Packaging Supplies and Resources

Packaging Supplies and Resources

With the right combination of supplies, packaging techniques and shipping services, we’ll help you get your sensitive space assets from point A to point B, whether that’s to the lab or to the launch site itself.

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  • Critical, Specialty and Time-Sensitive Solutions

Critical, Specialty and Time-Sensitive Solutions

When timing is everything or the situation is out of the ordinary, you need options you might not find in any standard service. We handle shipments of any size or level of complexity.

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FedEx Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

From shipping services to supply chain optimization, FedEx® Aerospace Solutions has what you need to keep your business flying high. Learn more at