FedEx® Space Solutions

FedEx® Space Solutions

Critical & Time-Sensitive Services

Critical & Time-Sensitive Services

Count on Us to Go the Extra Mile

For complex shipments that require expedited delivery, temperature control, increased security or special handling, we’ll create a solution that’s right for you.

FedEx employees teach customers how to pack dangerous goods.

Ship Dangerous Goods

Get details on how to pack and label shipments, required training and available shipping services.

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A FedEx courier is about to deliver a Custom Critical package.

FedEx Custom Critical® Services

Get same-day and overnight delivery of package and freight shipments that need special handling services.

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A pilot is ready for the next chartered flight.

FedEx® Charters

Use our fleet of aircraft and set your own schedule for time-definite freight shipments.

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Ship Dangerous Goods With Confidence

Count on us to get your jet fuel or lithium battery shipments delivered to your customers safely and quickly. Whether you’re shipping accessible or inaccessible dangerous goods, via package or pallet, in the U.S. or around the world, we deliver fast — often overnight.

Before you can tender a dangerous goods shipment to us or any other air carrier, you’re required by the federal government to attend job-specific dangerous goods training. Get the training you need by registering online for any of our FedEx sponsored seminars.

Also, before you can ship lithium metal batteries, you must be preapproved by the FedEx Express dangerous goods administration, UN 3090 Section IA and Section IB. Learn more here.

For additional information and assistance, contact the FedEx® Space Desk.

Use FedEx Custom Critical for Shipments With Special Handling Needs

For high-value and sensitive shipments, get customized solutions from FedEx Custom Critical. We specialize in same-day shipping and overnight delivery of critical freight, plus our experts will work with you to find the optimal shipping solution using any of our resources from across the FedEx network.

From trucks to planes specially trained drivers to enhanced security measures, temperature-controlled packaging to tracking and sensor monitoring devices, FedEx Custom Critical has the resources to help make your space program a success.

For assistance, contact the FedEx Space Desk.

Charter a Cargo Plane

When your freight can't fly on a scheduled service because of its critical timing, large size, special handling requirements or off-route destination, FedEx® Charters can meet your needs.

With our large and diverse fleet of aircraft, trained personnel and decades of experience, FedEx Charters provides service in and out of hundreds of U.S. and international airports. We plan your aircraft, schedule and flight on your requirements and the availability of our crews. Customized load plans and professional loadmasters ensure that you receive premium service and reliability.

For additional information and assistance, contact the FedEx Space Desk.

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FedEx Priority Alert®

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Learn More and Get Started Today

For more information about our FedEx Space Solutions, contact the FedEx Space Desk and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours, Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–6 p.m. CST. Our experts will assess your unique shipping needs and craft a customized solution.