Watch how FedEx helped teen launch experiment into space.

FedEx® Space Solutions

FedEx® Space Solutions

Packaging Services & Solutions

Packaging Services & Solutions

Getting Your Space Shipments From Point A to Point B

With the right expert advice and assistance, packing techniques and strategies, and packaging materials, you can pack anything successfully. We’ll help you get your sensitive space assets where they need to be, whether that’s to the lab or the launch site.

Want to be confident your packaging techniques are firing on all cylinders? Ask our pros for help.

Advice From Experts

FedEx Packaging Services provides complimentary package design, testing and engineering information.

Ask the FedEx® Space Desk
See how properly packing your space shipments helps avoid damage and delays.

Temperature-Controlled Packaging Solutions

Use any of our refrigerated, frozen and perishable shipping solutions.

Download our packaging overview
Get pointers and techniques for safe packing.

Tips and Techniques

Watch our videos and download our guides for information on how to pack, seal and label your shipments.

Get pointers on safe packing

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The SenseAware in-transit monitoring innovation from FedEx

SenseAware®, a FedEx Innovation

Monitor shipments of replacement parts in real time with data-driven technology.

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Priority Alert package sitting on pharmacy counter

FedEx Priority Alert®

Get priority boarding and placement on our aircraft for your shipments, proactive notification of delays and a predetermined recovery process.

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An employee enters a tracking number on

FedEx® Tracking

Create a shipment watch list, view delivery exceptions, obtain proof of delivery, export shipment data into a spreadsheet and more.

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For more information about our FedEx Space Solutions, contact the FedEx Space Desk and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. CST. Our experts will assess your unique shipping needs and craft a customized solution.