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Meeting Your Needs: Overview of Solutions for the Space Industry

  • Overview of solutions for the space industry

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When your high-value shipments are ready to launch, or be retrieved after landing, count on FedEx. We can move your heavy or oversized items via rail, ocean freight, dedicated trucking or charter flights. We'll work directly with you to prepare your customs documents and guide you in regulatory compliance. Feel confident knowing you can rely on FedEx® Space Solutions.

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Remote sensing. Scientific data. Biomedical research and development. Defense applications. Microspace platforms and communications. These are just a few examples of the innovative and ever-growing use of satellite and space-driven technology. Whatever part you play in this exciting and cutting-edge industry, we have the expertise to help you develop shipping and packaging solutions that maximize your efficiency, minimize costly downtime, and safeguard the delivery of your critical assets.

You can count on FedEx Space Solutions for:

  • Single point of contact Single point of contact: The knowledgeable experts at the FedEx® Space Desk, dedicated solely to the needs of the space industry, will assess your unique shipping needs and provide a customized solution. For more personalized assistance, complete the customer request form.
  • Visibility Visibility: When hours or even minutes count, you want assurance that your space shipment is on track. Our tracking and advanced monitoring options provide reassurance and help you resolve challenges if they arise. To learn more, go to the Be in the Know section.
  • Packaging supplies and resources Packaging supplies and resources: With the right techniques and materials, you can pack anything successfully. Improve your packing skills by reviewing our guides or getting advice and assistance from the experts at our lab. To learn more, go to the Packed to Ship section.
  • Speed Speed and need: With a variety of same-day and next-business-day services, we have the speed you need. Special situation? You can charter virtually any size aircraft or arrange for an exclusive-use vehicle. Have sensitive, temperature-controlled, classified or hazardous shipments? Need expediting, heavy-haul capabilities or specialized equipment? Count on us for all your critical shipping needs. To learn more, go to the Count on Extra Care section.

For more information about all the different ways FedEx Space Solutions can help you with your space shipping needs, complete the customer request form.