Photo of ecodemonstrator plane

Inside the Boeing ecoDemonstrator

Inside the Boeing ecoDemonstrator

Jason Baker

May 21, 2018

Flight tests show the future of flight on 777F

The Boeing 777F ecoDemonstrator is equipped with lasers and cameras, flew on Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), and has a cargo bay outfitted with rows of computer test stations. Go behind the scenes in remote northern Montana as Boeing tests 35 new technologies on a FedEx 777F plane. It’s the latest of their ecoDemonstrator program designed to make the future of flying safer and more efficient.

Plane landing

Behind the scenes: How Boeing built our latest 777F airplane

Each Boeing 777F airplane is made of more than 3 million individual parts.

And our newest 777F is a unique one. It’s part of the ecoDemonstrator program, and will be used for a series of tests to improve environmental performance and safety of future airplanes.

A large range of technologies will be tested, including compact thrust reversers, flight deck innovations, and fuel efficiency.

Check out the video below for a behind the scenes peek inside the Boeing factory with the building of this plane!

Image of plane being built