A package on a customer's porch

How can you prevent stolen packages?

How can you prevent stolen packages?

With the continued growth of online shopping, more and more packages are being delivered to homes every day. This increase in deliveries, however, has brought an increase in missing packages and has led to growing concerns over package security.

Enter FedEx Delivery Manager®. This tool empowers you to request to have packages delivered to nearby locations instead of your porch. With convenient and secure package pickup nationwide at FedEx Office, Walgreens and other locations, you won’t have to worry about packages being stolen from your porch.

How are people preventing packages from disappearing?

A graph comparing the security of convenince of protecting your package

Package tracking tells you when your package is delivered but won’t protect your package on the porch.


Security Cameras
Security cameras keep track of activity at your front door but can be expensive to install and may not effectively deter thieves.


Porch Lock Boxes
Porch lock boxes that delivery drivers can access will protect packages but can be expensive, difficult to install and take up valuable porch space.


FedEx Delivery Manager

Sign up for free to track packages, redirect packages to convenient locations for pickup, request vacation holds and more.

FedEx Delivery Manager services help make sure your packages don’t go missing.

Meet Tim.

Tim spent money installing expensive security cameras to monitor his porch.

Tim knew his online order would be delivered Friday and, instead of being able to reschedule with FedEx Delivery Manager, he cancelled his plans to hurry home and get his package.

Tim went on a weeklong cruise and worried the entire time that the pile of packages on his porch might entice thieves while he was away.

And Tina.

Tina signed up for FedEx Delivery Manager for free and now has visibility of her FedEx packages.

Tina redirected her online order to the Walgreens near her house and was able to attend spin class and dinner with friends before getting her package on the way home Friday night.

Tina requested a vacation delivery hold and spent her cruise relaxed, knowing her packages would be safely and securely delivered when she got home.

Stop worrying. Start relaxing.

It only takes a minute to sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager, but using these services will save you time worrying. Keep your packages and online orders secure. And, let your porch go back to just being a porch.