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Features and capabilities

Features and capabilities

Keeping customers on your site is smart business.

FedEx APIs are a simple, cost-effective way to not only keep customers on your site, but also add speed and efficiency to your shipping process. In addition to helping your team fulfill orders, help customers track the status of these orders directly on your website or application by presenting one cohesive location from which to make informed decisions with up-to-date information.

Start taking advantage of the many capabilities of FedEx APIs, including:

  • Compare FedEx shipping rates

  • Compare FedEx transit times

  • Create FedEx® shipping labels

  • Track the status of FedEx shipments

  • Process return shipments

  • Complete international shipping


How can an integration with FedEx solutions provide value to your application on day one?

FedEx APIs give you the tools to build customized, interface-independent integration solutions for your specific shipping needs, weaving only the most relevant information from FedEx into the fabric of your applications. Here are a few of the API features a company can use to streamline operations, improve visibility and provide more choices to clients:

  • Verify Address and Improve Customer Satisfaction: Prompt customers for additional information in the event of an address discrepancy. Find missing information with the Address Validation API.

  • Give Customers More Options: Help customers learn about all the available shipping options and rates with the Ship and Rate APIs. You can also extend this service to your shopping cart and website, allowing customers to access money-saving information firsthand.

  • More Convenience: Use the Locations service to find the FedEx pickup location nearest your customer. Or, send an email to your customers with a link to this service as part of your standard order-receipt process.

  • Offer Global Shipping Options: Create shipping labels for worldwide locations. Improve customer service by offering more shipping options to customers in more countries with the consolidated Ship API.

  • Reduce Customer Service Costs: Decrease phone traffic from customers checking the status of their shipments. FedEx provides online Tracking Services that allow you to provide customers with the status of shipments, Signature Proof of Delivery (SPOD) and Shipment Notification in the Ship API.

  • Simplify Processes and Improve Satisfaction: Provide team members with a simple way to submit international trade documentation electronically using the Upload Document API. Customers will notice your business running smoother when you simplify your internal operations.

Not ready to upgrade? The Developer Resource Center is still available for our existing Web Services and FedEx Ship Manager Server customers.

Go to the FedEx Developer Portal to browse the full API Catalog and API documentation.