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Why migrate

Why migrate

Why you should migrate

With more and more customers preferring Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs, as part of digital transformation and improving the integration experience for customers, FedEx is introducing modernized REST APIs. The new APIs will help streamline your business processes by integrating your business processes and systems to FedEx capabilities in a frictionless way.

Benefits of migrating to our new FedEx APIs:

  • Enhanced security through the use of Open Authorization(OAuth)token-based authentication

  • Less major API versions in the future, easing the upgrade process

  • Smaller response payload, thus improving the performance of your integration

  • Improved onboarding experience on our developer portal to get your integration completed more quickly and efficiently

  • Simplified and up-to-date API documentation, including business rules, schema details and sample code in multiple programming languages for specific business use cases

  • Multiple languages supported for you to learn about our APIs and begin to integrate them with your business processes and systems

Go to the FedEx Developer Portal to browse the full API Catalog and API documentation.